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Terms & Conditions:

PLEASE read & confirm all details above before paying your security deposit as it will be considered a virtual signature to this contract.


Call or text (848)-448-6399 if there are any changes needed prior to the deposit. Deposits can be made via PayPal, Venmo, or in person at our venue. The appropriate links to make a deposit (or appointment time to meet) will be sent upon approval of the following 

Terms & Conditions:


Deposits are non-refundable. However, they can be used toward any future party (up to 1 year) in the event that reasonable cancellations are necessary. We also have the option if your party is rained out and can not be rescheduled, to use your deposit toward a credit for balloon delivery or yard signs. Many find this to be a great solution so the celebration can still be recognized and smiles delivered rain or shine. Balloon displays and prices can be viewed at


Any remaining balance is due the day of the party in CASH unless otherwise discussed. We kindly ask that you please have your CASH payment ready as soon as services are over. We typically have other parties to go to and this can delay us greatly in providing timely service elsewhere.

Delays in payment, PayPal, and/or credit card transactions will incur additional fees.


Home Run Party Entertainment, LLC is built with a team of trained members. It can not be expected for the owner to be at every party or event.

Unless discussed otherwise and shown in your party details, to keep costs family-friendly ONE entertainer will be provided to do ALL activities in a continuous flow, one after the other.

 If additional staff is available to help then they will be provided at no additional cost to the customer but this is not guaranteed unless paid for and shown in party details.   


In a private party setting tips are not a necessity but they are allowed and very much appreciated by any of our employees. 

In a public setting (Festival, Fair, etc.) we understand each event is different and some places would encourage us to take tips while in other settings it may be considered distasteful. Please advise if a tip jar is allowed for our team members to put out. 


Lastly, in the event myself or any team member feels they are being treated inappropriately,  or if party guests are providing an unsafe environment we reserve the right to cancel or leave the party at any point with payment being due in full. This includes but does not limit to sexually inappropriate speech or behavior, hostile drunkenness, or abusive speech.


Terms and conditions are not meant to scare anyone but provide a protection in the event of rare situations. We are an award winning company that works with so many families and public organizations throughout the year.  Reviews and companies we have worked with can be found on our website at

That being said, Please keep realistic expectations! Our only goal while at your party is to bring the BIGGEST SMILES IMAGINABLE 


We ask you to sit back and enjoy while we give you quality entertainment and decor at affordable prices.




Balloons are the wow factor to any party and we take our balloon decor VERY seriously. However its important to understand balloons are unpredictable. While we are professionals and go through many lengths to prevent it, balloons can pop at any time, including during your event.


Foil/mylar balloons also are not always reliable. Manufactures do their best and its rare but every so often a slow leaks from foil balloons can occur and not be noticed for hours, or until after delivery. We are not responsible to replace balloons during or after an event unless staff is available and there will be an additional fee to return to the event and replace balloons.


Helium balloons last for approx. 6 hours, please keep this in mind with delivery times and if ordering helium vs nonhelium displays. 

As a balloon artist we love when people allow us to design but understand many have photos they have seen on pintrest and online. Please keep an open mind in these scenarios to lighting, filters, photoshopping and more.


Colors are matched to the best of our ability and while we understand there is a difference between a baby blue vs a robins egg blue or a caribbean blue there are only so many shades available for purchase and we do our best to understand and pick the best combo to what we understand is desired for your event.


If you need a very specific balloon or balloon color there will be an additional fee for ordering and at least 2 weeks notice will have to be given to allow time to ship, or there will be a rush shipping fee as well on both of our ends. Once your non refundable deposit is made and balloons are delivered, payment agreements in the above terms & conditions are in effect.

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